01. The [sinister] voice on the other end of the telephone warned me to stop my investigation immediately.
02. The new Queen has a [sinister] plan to poison the King so that her son can take over the throne.
03. The villain laughed [sinisterly] as he tied the poor woman to the railroad tracks.
04. Frodo and Sam were approaching the [sinister] lands of Mordor, where the Dark Lord ruled.
05. In the 1960s, the CIA apparently made a [sinister] plot to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, using an exploding cigar.
06. The leader of the group was surrounded by huge, [sinister]-looking thugs.
07. He is a [sinister] figure, like a Mafia hit man or something.
08. He is a [sinister]-looking fellow. I wouldn't trust him.
09. The dark clouds, and heavy rain falling outside both seemed to add to the [sinister] atmosphere in the old mansion.
10. The three men are suspected of being involved in a [sinister] plot to kill the King.
11. The alien life forms in the movie were very [sinister]-looking creatures who were trying to take control of the earth.
12. The man received a [sinister] note warning that if he talked to the police about what he had seen, something unfortunate might happen.
13. The candidate says he simply wants to end immigration abuses, but I think he has a more [sinister] goal. I think he is racist and wants to stop non-white immigration to this country.
14. She loves to read mystery stories full of [sinister] characters and complex murder cases.
15. Hermann Hesse once remarked that people with courage and character always seem [sinister] to the rest.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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